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                • Our


                  We are driven by the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man's inner most thoughts.

                • Our


                  To provide a platform to express creativity without any societal boundaries.

                • We


                  "Unpredictable art" as predictable art is neither inspirational nor is it collectable.

                Our Services

                Red Door Gallery provides a platform for artists to express their creativity without any societal boundaries. We promote "unpredictable art" as predictable art is neither inspirational nor is it collectable. Red Door Gallery serves the entire Art value chain. Ranging from collector consulting/advisory to valuation, restorations, private & public commissions and exhibitions. Our passion is driven by the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man's inner most thoughts.


                We hold exceptional exhibitions on a regular basis. Please see our exhibitions page for upcoming events.

                Gallery Hire

                Do you want a special private or corporate event? We can customise your event around our spacious gallery and art collection for that touch of class (Non-Smoking events only).


                Did your treasured painting/sculpture get damaged? we will organise professional restoration by local or international restorers to the highest standards possible.

                Documentation Of Collections

                Your art collection is an asset which must be documented and protected. We will support the documentation of your entire collection including valuation, provenance and if required upload your entire collection on a personal website with restricted access.


                Is that painting on your wall worth a small fortune? We will provide a valuation and if required arrange a private or public sale..


                We assist in getting your works authenticated and research provenance on works in your collection. For unsigned works, we can secure signatures directly from the (living) artist.


                Peju Alatise (b.. 1975)

                Peju has become one of the most powerful and widely recognized contemporary artists living and working in Lagos. Through the last decade, her ever-evolving practice has consistently held audiences in awe. The exquisite nature of her technique produces and encounter between what is sense and what is known— as a material means to examine Nigeria’s shifting order of visibility within the global landscape.

                Among her extensive resume highlights her recent experiences as a researcher at the Smithsonian Institute in D.C, as an art teacher in Venice, and as artist resident in Morocco and Turkey.

                She was one of three? exhibiting artists in the Nigerian pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale of which her exhibit, ‘ Flying Girls’ was described as “technically beautiful and haunting at the same time.”. Peju is also the winner of the prestigious 2017 FNB Art Prize.

                From her initial training as an architect to her experiments with an incredibly broad spectrum of media—from words to clay and cloth—she has positioned herself as a demiurge. That is to say she has the ability to unearth multiple layers of meaning (and often violent historical memories) from beneath the surface of everyday objects, language, and social relations. Crafting alternative social imageries and challenging master narratives in politics and media, her trajectory sharply illustrates how artists in Africa are filling in the gaps left by official histories.

                View Artist Works

                Cyril Oma (b. 1983)

                Oma studied Art formally at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria and has been painting as a studio artist for almost twenty years. His works are primarily portraiture style with an intense ability to capture emotions through the eyes of this subjects. The characters in his art come “alive” and convey powerful stories of struggle, love and triumph.

                Oma is also a skilled poet and social commentator; he has exhibited in Lagos, London and South Africa.

                His works are in the possession of a select group of faithful collectors around the world. His works were recently acquired for the collection of the King of Morocco during his recent State visit to Nigeria.

                His international art fair participation include the FNB International Art Fair in Johannesburg and START Saatchi Art Fair in London

                View Artist Works

                Adewale Fatai (b. 1976)

                Adewale studied painting at the renowned Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria and works as a full time studio artist. His works combine abstracted Portraitures and Figurative as key elements of his non- representational style of art, which mostly is a narrative on varied themes and subjects ranging from global politics, history, identity and culture.

                Adewale is an experimentalist who continuously seeks new ways and methods of expression. He is greatly influenced by post war American abstract expressionists. He has exhibited extensively in Lagos, London and Johannesburg. His works are in private collections globally.

                View Artist Works

                Moore grew up in rural Caruthers, a small agricultural town in central California. He has been an artist for over 30 years but during this period, he also held various positions in Banking, Finance and professional sports. A turning point for Mr Moore was when he was commissioned to create a monument-sized sculpture for Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. This phenomenal piece was a string catalyst for Moore to pursue his artistic talents with more rigour.

                Moore’s style is simple but powerful. He states: "My contemporary metal sculpture is based on a rigorously geometric visual vocabulary that conveys both strength and grace. It’s connected to the figurative tradition of sculpture with an insightful and respectful representation of the human form”

                View Artist Works

                Olu Spencer (1956)

                Olu Spencer enrolled at the Abayomi Barber School at the then Centre for Cultural Studies, University of Lagos, where he studied the art of Painting, Sculpture and Design and graduated in 1976.

                Following the path of his teacher and mentor, (Barber), he joined the National Council for Arts and Culture and worked as designer, painter, sculptor and curator until he left government service in ?2006. He has since become a highly reclusive studio artist.

                Apart from imbibing both formalistic and realistic approach to painting as an inheritance from the Abayomi Barber School, ?Spencer has intensied his creative muses matched with abundant talent and skill to redene his art. To Spencer, forms are compulsory vehicles through which his themes are driven to a magical point of analysis. Treatment of form, thematic depth and philosophical embellishment of ideas are striking signatures of consistency and the hallmark of identity inherent in his art.

                View Artist Works

                Lemi Ghariokwu is one of Africa's greatest visual artists. Lemi has a career spanning almost 40 years which includes designing 26 original cover images for the Nigerian musician legend, Fela Kuti. Lemi also has over 2,000 other album cover designs to his credit including covers for Bob Marley and a host of other music legends.

                Lemi's style to art is influenced by his deep philosophical views on social and political events. His designs are multi-faceted and combine a variety of styles and media.

                Lemi was a member of Fela's much loved Young African Pioneers. These self-proclaimed rebels supported Fela's music with their art, poetry and writings. Lemi relationship with Fela Kuti was very close and he was often mentored and advised by the Afrobeat legend.

                Ghariokwu's works are in the collection of art and afrobeat lovers around the world. His painting, Anoda Sistem, is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

                View Artist Works

                Ehikhamenor studied English and Literature at Ambrose Alli University in Nigeria and also received an MSc in Technology Management from University of Maryland. Victor pursued an MFA in Creative Writing from the University Of Maryland and went on to publish numerous fiction and essays. He has also featured in academic journals, magazines and newspapers publications from around the world

                For his artistic inspiration, he is influenced by traditional African motifs and he is popular for his powerful abstract, symbolic works.

                His works have been used as book covers by award-winning authors such as Chimamanda Adichie and a host of others.

                View Artist Works


                Upcoming Exhibitions

                Past Exhibitions

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